Payment Policies

Finance Options:
  • Our number one commitment is to provide quality and ethical dental care to every patient in our practice. With this commitment, we strive to keep our treatment fees competitive and reasonable. We feel that it is important to inform our patients of planned treatment, treatment fees, insurance payment benefits and patient co-payments prior to treatment provided in our office. Our front-office team will gladly assist you with answers to your questions regarding any costs associated with your treatment.
  • Our new patients are encouraged to return to our office after their initial examination visit for a consultation with one of our doctors to discuss planned treatment, treatment prioritization and timeliness, treatment fees, and insurance benefits and co-payments, when applicable. This consultation appointment is a no-charge service that we provide to all of our patients.
  • Our office accepts payments in the form of cash, money orders, checks, and most credit cards. All patients are asked to make definite financial arrangements prior to the start of any treatment.

  • The following are our financial policies and accepted methods of payment for our services:
  • Pre-treatment Payment Discount
    Based on the extent of treatment, a discount may be credited to the account of any patient for total payment for services for the complete planned case prior to the first treatment appointment.
  • This is available only to non-insurance patients.
  • Payments Required at Each Appointment
  • Unless prior arrangements are made, all patients are expected to pay in full or their insurance balance co-payment for services immediately following any dental procedure provided by our office.
    • Multiple appointment procedures, however, may be paid as follows:
    • Full payment for treatment immediately following the initial multiple appointment procedure.
    • 50% of payment for the total treatment fee immediately following the initial appointment and 50% of the payment balance immediately following the final appointment for the procedure.
    • Patients with dental insurance: 50% of their co-payment is due immediately following the initial appointment and 50% of the co-payment balance immediately following the final appointment for the procedure.
    • Multiple appointment procedures include the following:
    • Endodontic (Root Canal) Therapy: Procedures that require more than one appointment
    • Fixed Prosthodontics: Veneers, Crowns, Bridges, Implant Abutments, Implant Crowns, and Implant Bridges
    • Removable Prosthodontics: Full Dentures, Partial Dentures, and Immediate Dentures
    No finance charge will be assessed to accounts of patients with a 50% balance due for multiple appointment procedures as long as the remaining balance due is paid immediately following the final appointment of the multiple appointment procedure.
  • Divided Payment Plan
  • Patients accepting a treatment plan of $900 or less may elect to pay 1/3 at the beginning of treatment, 1/3 midway in treatment (the exact date to be mutually agreed to in advance), and 1/3 within ten (10) days of treatment completion. No finance charge will be assessed to accounts with this method of payment.
  • Monthly Payment Plan
  • Patients with special financial needs may pre-arrange a monthly payment plan prior to any treatment. No financial charges will be assessed to the remaining balance providing the agreed monthly payment is made within the billing cycle.
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Our office accepts patients with almost all dental insurances. Patients may have private insurance coverage or employment benefit coverage. Please be prepared to provide our front office with your most current dental insurance card when you check in at every appointment. Our office accepts assignment of benefits (the responsibility for collecting the balance of payment from your insurance company). The filing of your insurance claims and re-imbursements will be handled by our office. No service charge will be assessed for this service.
    • Our office will make all professional, ethical, and reasonable attempts to predetermine and collect
    • treatment re-imbursement for our patients from their insurance companies. However, patients must assume responsibility for any claim denials and/or non-payments by their insurance companies.
  • Senior Patient Discounts
  • Our office offers a 10% discount to our senior patients providing that full payment is made at the time of service. This is only available to non-insurance senior patients.
  • Monthly Statements
  • For patients with accounts receivable (balances due), except for payment plans noted above, the total statement balance is due and payable with ten days of statement mailing. If payment is not made prior to the next statement mailing, an 18% per month (not to exceed 24% per year) finance charge will be assessed to the account. Monthly statements are mailed around the 23rd of each month